A child of the grave

Statue of little boy Angel at Rasu cemetery in Vilnius, Lithuania
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This is a true story from a small city in Pakistan a dead woman gave birth to a child in a grave. I was, came to Lahore and lived in a private hostel.

The hostel was one kilometer away from Miani Sahib Graveyard. I used to go to the graveyard on Thursdays and pray for the people of the grave. One day I was coming back and passing through the graves.

Suddenly a man came in front of me. He was small in size, his bones were so weak. He seemed to be hungry or sick for years. But seeing the hoe in his hand, I understood that he is a gravedigger. He came to me and revealed in a low voice,

“There is no one here in the grave you were praying for,” forcing me to look at him carefully.”How do you know?” I asked with confused eyes. He shrugged his shoulders and start walking.

I forced him again that please let me know he takes a long breath and said did you heard a story about a child who was born in the grave he said his name was Ramzan.people were called him Ramzani. He was the son of the grave. Who was sleeps on graves and plays in the graveyard. “Hearing this, I doubted his mental health.” I did not understand.

He continues his talk he said. At that time I was forty years old. It was the month of Ramadan. It was a dark night, it was raining and lightning was flashing. I was walking through the graves” I heard the sound of a baby crying. I stopped and followed the sound and reached this place. I heard this sound coming from a fresh grave that was now completely exposed by the rain. The child’s voice was coming from the grave. I dared and dug the grave and when I looked down, at that moment the lightning flashed loudly, and due to light, I can see the white shroud in the grave.

The woman was lying half crooked, the shroud was getting dirty with rainwater and dust, there was a stir inside the grave and the sound of a baby was coming. Seeing this scene, I was very nervous, I thought it was the work of a ghost, I said God gave me courage and I went downstairs and removed the shroud.

A baby was lying down which seemed to have been born a day before. This baby boy belonged to the same woman, and it seemed that she had died a day or two ago. I picked up the baby and brought him home. I gave him to my wife and told her the whole story. she fell in love with this child and we raised him. We named him Muhammad Ramzan. Everyone calls him Ramzani.

Another thing we tried hard to find out the heirs of the grave woman but we failed. Finally, we raised Ramzani as parents. He was still a child but he fell in love with graves. He sleeps on and wrapped the graves. Allah (GOD) has placed such a power inside him that he can smell the grave and tell whether the dead person in it, is a woman or a man. Whether it’s a child or an adult. How old is it? “.

Meanwhile, some people came out. They called him. “Hey old man listen to us. “Tell us a place, for Grandpa’s grave is to be dug.” One of them took out a few hundred rupees and gave it to him. He put them in his pocket and said them to follow him. He starts walking in the graves and, he kept looking at the graves in a sniffing manner. Then he pointed out, “This tomb is empty.” They said “Well, then make a grave. “I was amazed and kept looking with shocking eyes how he knew which tomb was empty and which one would be dead. Meanwhile, a man speaks to the gravedigger hey Ramzani don’t be late. I was shocked and the whole story recalled in my mind the child of grave is Ramzani is the same person. I looked into his eyes it was shining and he was smiling  I start running towards the graveyard’s gate and never went back again to the graveyard.


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