Accused Waqar Al- Hassan presented before police in motorway abuse case

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According to Hum News, Waqarul Hassan, a co-accused of Abid Ali, the main accused in the motorway abuse case, appeared at the CIA Model Town Police Station in Lahore where he denied any wrongdoing.

Talking to Hum News, Information Minister Fayyaz Al-Hassan said that the siege around accused Waqar Al-Hassan was tightened and he had no choice but to arrest him.

He said that every accused denies the health offense but the situation will become clear in a few hours after investigation. Accused Abid was also revealed scientifically.

A woman was raped in front of her children on a motorway on Thursday. The woman’s car on the motorway had run out of petrol and she had locked the car from inside. However, the accused reached the spot and broke the glass of the car.

The suspects sexually abused the woman, The woman’s medical report proved sexual abuse.

Police began searching for the suspects after the incident on the motorway. To arrest the accused, 28 police teams have been formed which are conducting raids at various places to search for the accused.

The identification of the accused in the motorway abuse case was done scientifically. According to IG Punjab, accused Abid Ali had switched off all his mobile phone SIMs and was using someone else’s number.

Police teams are searching for the two suspects, he said. Geo-fencing proves the presence of the accused at the crime scene.


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