After Nadeem Babar, Imran Khan will not leave anyone behind

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After Nadeem Babar, Imran Khan will not leave anyone behind

Islamabad: After Nadeem Babar, Imran Khan will not leave anyone. According to details, senior journalist Imran Yaqub Khan, while talking to a program on a private TV channel, claimed that the Prime Minister wanted him to do something to go to the next election, so he decided. They will go as far as they can, now both the bureaucracy and the cabinet will be held accountable.

The senior journalist said that a wise servant had explained to the Prime Minister that in the next election, the people would not ask him which opposition leader he had kept in jail for how long. In the next election, people will ask what happened to the looted wealth that you promised to bring back.

What did you say to give us relief that if there is inflation, then the rulers are thieves?

According to Imran Yaqub, that is why now Imran Khan wants to do something so that he can go to the next election. While senior analyst Dr Shahid Masood said that with the onset of Nadeem Babar’s leave, it has been decided to dismiss more ministers.

According to a senior analyst. The ruling circles also said that the performance of many ministers is very poor. They are causing disrepute.

The Prime Minister has also received reports of corruption of these ministers. Rumors are circulating about the ministers who are on the target. If they are not removed, then the Establishment Division itself will issue a notification to remove them.

It may be recalled that regarding the resignation of Nadeem Babar. Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar while addressing a press conference along with Federal Ministers Shafqat Mahmood and Shirin Mazari on Friday said that last year June 2020 saw a crisis in petroleum products.

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According to the decision of the Prime Minister. The petroleum crisis was investigated by the FIA. On which the Prime Minister will form a committee on the report of the FIA. The report of the committee has carefully analyzed the causes of the crisis of petroleum products. Illegal oil sales were also highlighted in the report.


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