After repeated claims by the Prime Minister, inflation finally began to decline

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After repeated claims by the Prime Minister, inflation finally began to decline

ISLAMABAD: After repeated claims by the Prime Minister, inflation has finally started to come down. According to details, the country has been recording a steady rise in inflation for the past several weeks. A report released by the Statistics Agency last week said that the inflation rate in the country has reached a nine-month high. However, now the Federal Secretary of Finance has claimed that the rate of inflation has come down last week.
In a briefing given by the Federal Secretary Finance at a meeting of the National Price Monitoring Committee chaired by Finance Minister Hamad Azhar, it was claimed that the inflation rate had come down by 0.43 percent during the last week.

Prices of 12 items have declined in the last one week and prices of 24 items have stabilized. The meeting also reviewed the prices of other essential commodities including flour, sugar, and cooking oil.

In a meeting chaired by the Federal Minister for Finance, the Food Secretary said that there are ample reserves of wheat in the country. Wheat is being supplied on a daily basis, he said. Finance Minister Hamad Azhar directed to ensure stockpiling of essential commodities, supply in the market, and the interests of consumers. On the other hand, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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During the meeting, Finance Minister Hamad Azhar briefed the meeting on the economic situation in the country. Shahzad Akbar gave a briefing on legislation related to basic food items. The government is legislating on basic commodities. On the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the achievements of the government for two and a half years should be highlighted. There will be non-discriminatory action against those who inflate prices.


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