“After this speech, I will be the first person in jail Maulana Sahib will definitely come to see me,” Asif Zardari

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Ali Baba and forty thieves together to hide their corruption and have planned that they will not sit silent till the government go back to home. Peoples shouldn’t forget these are the same faces and leaders those were said to each other corrupt and talks about accountability till they didn’t chop out their abdomen.

Now Former President Asif Ali Zardari has said that he thinks that after APC, he will be the first person to be in jail but he requested Maulana Sahib to come for a meeting. I will be waiting for the meeting.

Addressing the APC through video link, Asif Zardari said, “I welcome all the leaders. It is unfortunate that Mian Sahib cannot be shown live.” Former President Asif Ali Zardari said that this is the tactic being used by the government. Is successful, such tactics were not used even in the Musharraf era, since coming into politics we have never seen such a ban, we see the weaknesses of the government, I am happy that our daughter Maryam Bibi is also here today, Maryam Mian Sahib and daughter of the nation, Maryam has gone to jail, I greet her, we are with Maryam Bibi.

He said that APC should have been there long ago, people are listening to us and will continue to listen to us. The former president said that this is not our first APC. Bibi signed the Charter of Democracy with Mian Sahib. The 18th Amendment was passed, Musharraf was sent home because of the Charter of Democracy. The 18th Amendment is a wall around the Constitution that no one can look down on.

Asif Zardari said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on the first day that the Prime Minister is selected, all people are requested to work out a plan of action, the foundation of the country is a democracy, then prosperity comes We will live, we will win in the voice of grace, we will win.


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