An incredible insect that hides itself in leaves

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An incredible insect that hides in leaves

Insects in general and caterpillars, in particular, are equipped with many weapons for their protection. Some pull themselves up like snakes, some have thorns on top of insects and often disappear in harmony with the surrounding environment. However, Baron Caterpillar disguises himself so beautifully that it is difficult to recognize him. The biological name of the baron moth is the Euthalia anthem, which is common in India, Southeast Asia, especially on mango trees. After millions of years of evolution, its color and shape have reached such a level that it has become unrecognizable.

In fact, it is a kind of butterfly worm that lays its eggs on the back of mango leaves. It is from these eggs that this disguised worm emerges. As the worm grows, a yellow line emerges on its back which is colored like a mango leaf.

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It has thorny ridges on the sides and moves forward thanks to them. It eats mango leaves with great relish but here the birds can easily eat it and that is why nature has provided it with a protective system to disguise it.


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