Candidate to the Presidency of Chile Bernardo Javalquinto Election manifesto

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Candidate to the Presidency of Chile Bernardo Javalquinto

About your opinion on economics and politics

In reference to politics and economy, it seems that today it has become a bit distorted, because everybody is more interested in money and politics has been transformed into a means to make and earn money without worrying about the citizens who have given them all the power and even more with the taxes they pay, they pay the salaries of those who are public servants and should give the best of them for the citizens. This is not only a local problem in Chile but it is being seen in all parts of the world and that is why there are so many social outbursts all over the world.

youth policy education, the policy for the education of young people, seems to me to be somewhat obsolete, given that there is a before and an after the pandemic and everyone should be investing in technology to be able to deliver the best of education in the policies that are made for young people around the world.

Human Rights

Human rights for all nations in the world should be respected as one of the basic principles in all aspects of people, that is why my candidacy focuses on a human economy based on the human being, that way all people could live more peaceful and not trying to survive in the world in which we are living where there is much poverty, lack of opportunities and especially lack of concern of the authorities that these are respected and that there is a model in which both private and public sector is responsible for protecting, empowering, and enriching the quality of life of people.


Very little is said about peace, and peace is obtained through the education of our young people who are the future of the world. One of the great men of peace was Martin Luther King or Mandela who was imprisoned and in spite of everything he went through, he knew how to forgive and govern a country that cloistered him for more than 20 years in a cell where he could barely sleep, those are really leaders who speak of peace, today I spent it solved through weapons and diplomacy or dialogue that existed in the past ceased to exist that education which is the legacy that we all should leave to our new young people neglected and we have not worried about our good, but not all are equal there are people like us are fighting to achieve peace especially in Mapuche people in our country.

Kashmir Conflict

For many years the Kashmir conflict has been indifferent instances waiting for someone to resolve and end once and for all the conflict where people die every day and nations like China, intervene in disputes that are not theirs. I have nothing against the Chinese people but it seems to me that sometimes human rights are not respected at all.

International Politics

In international politics, President Biden received the White House in a way never seen before in the history of that country, but I believe that after the disaster of former President Trump, President Biden will manage to re-establish international agreements and restore global balance in order to move forward on issues related to international trade and also solve the pandemic that affected them strongly in their country since he received a country in an economic crisis never before experienced by that great nation. I believe that he brought stability to the world again despite the criticisms of his opponents but these have clear objectives in reference to the pandemic to recover the economy and restore the pending issues with climate change, in addition, to reunify a nation of the former president left much divided.

Women’s Rights

Here there is a great debt with women since it has been many years trying to equalize the inclusion of women in politics, business, and other labor text but it has been quite difficult since there is no macho will and the ignorance of many people that women have so many more capabilities than men, in fact, it goes without saying that women leaders have handled better the crisis through which we are going through.

Child Labour

This is another issue that countries like ours are allowed, and there is no censure or punishment to employers who hire a minor to work in appalling bad conditions and also with miserable wages, but every day the world is becoming more informed of these bad practices and consumers informed with less of the countries this happens.

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Climate Change

Climate change is such an important issue that as former President Barack Obama said we are the first generation to strongly feel climate change and we are the last to do something urgently to stop it and leave a legacy for the generations to come. Every day, we see how climate change is affecting everyone, in fact, it seems that nature itself has given us a life lesson with the pandemic because it made everyone stop no matter if you are rich or poor and treat nature with respect as it should have always been treated but we never did. For those who say, there is no such thing as climate change I think we have to prepare for big changes in the coming years. Candidate to the Presidency


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