Effat Omar apologized after the criticism on social media

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Effat Omar apologized after the criticism on social media

KARACHI: Actress and former model and host Effat Omar have apologized after being criticized on social media for administering the corona vaccine using political influence.

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media in which Effat Umar could be seen administering the corona vaccine at the residence of PML-Q Secretary General Tariq Bashir Cheema. Apart from Effat Omar, the family of Tariq Bashir Cheema had also been vaccinated.

The video soon went viral on social media and was widely criticized because the family of Effat Omar and Tariq Bashir Cheema were vaccinated against corona when they were just over 60 years old. Only people and health workers were allowed to be vaccinated. In addition, Tariq Bashir Cheema was accused of using political influence to administer the corona vaccine, which led to severe criticism.

People said that Effat Omar always talks about the rule of law and honesty and now she is the first to be vaccinated. During a press conference, Tariq Bashir Cheema denied allegations of using political influence for vaccination, saying that a team from the University of Health Sciences had come to his house to install a trial vaccine booster. And the same team had come before to give the first booster of the trial vaccine.

Effat Omar tried to defend himself by sharing a video of Tariq Bashir Cheema’s press conference on Twitter. But the criticism against him did not end.

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Later in the day, Effat Omar admitted his mistake and apologized for administering the corona vaccine. ‘I’m sorry,’ he wrote. I am quite embarrassed. I sincerely apologize and I will repent.


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