Eunuchs can be married, Mufti Qawi

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Eunuchs can be married, Mufti Qawi

Lahore: Mufti Abdul Qawi’s suggestion to marry a eunuch, a new controversy arose. A lawsuit was filed in a Lahore court. According to details, Mufti Abdul Qawi is in the news for one reason or another and now he told a private TV channel that a eunuch could be married.
Following this statement of Mufti Qawi, a case has been filed against him in the local court of Lahore. In the petition, Advocate Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmed took the position that the statement of Mufti Abdul Qawi was tantamount to inciting an unnatural act and against religion. The petitioner argued that the purpose of marriage is to have children, marriage is not done for luxury.

Mufti Abdul Qawi’s statement is like paving the way for sin and misguidance. The court has sought a reply from the police till April 14. On the other hand, Mufti Abdul Qawi said that he did not say this himself but our scholars have written it in their books and referred to these books. Earlier, while expressing his preference for women, he clarified that the real thing in women is morality, the only morality that is good.

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Hareem Shah asked Mufti Abdul Qawi which of the following actresses would you like to work with if you get a chance? To which Mufti Abdul Qawi said, ‘I have God-given abilities, ask all three. Whoever agrees and is sure that all three would like to work with Mufti Abdul Qawi. What are the talents of the heroine of the drama that can affect her? In response, Mufti Qawi said.  Eunuchs can be married, Mufti Qawi new statement


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