Fair & Lovely changed its name, Glow & Lovely

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After the announcement of the name change from Fair & Lovely to Glow & Lovely, by a skin protection company, Pakistani social media users have started questioning the motive behind the move. 

According to news Fair & Lovely changed its name, Glow & Lovely. Mawra Hocane Still brand ambassadors, will a name change be enough, or is it a cosmetic adjustment to the company’s statement? But pictures and billboards released by the brand in recent days tell a different story.

Billboards with mixed skin tones have fair skin color on both sides while dark skin models are in the center, a clear message that beauty is hidden in every skin color, which is the exact opposite of the company’s position that Has been doing brand marketing in the past.

Now many Pakistani having questions what was the reason to change the name of the product is it any Tax statements matters or the company comes with a new idea of light, dark, and glow, skin models, 


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