Flood threat in five areas of the federal capital, red alert issued

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ISLAMABAD: Intermittent heavy rains are continuing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad while floods are also expected in five areas of the federal capital and a red alert has been issued in this regard.

According to private TV, heavy rains from time to time continue in Islamabad while authorities have expressed fears of floods in five areas of the capital. There is a risk of flooding in I-8, I-9, Ghori town phase 5, in the swan garden area, while floods are also feared in the settlements surrounding the Nala Korang area. Floods could also strike slums in Islamabad. A major warning has been issued to all hospitals in Islamabad due to the potential flood situation. Twelve relief camps have been set up in Islamabad to prevent flooding. Assistance camps have been set up at 12 public schools in Islamabad. Heavy rains expected in Islamabad tonight have been ordered to be ready for any emergency


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