Food prices rise in one-year new report published 

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Food prices rise in a one-year new report published

ISLAMABAD: The Bureau of Statistics has released the details of the increase in prices of food items in a year. According to the statistics agency, sugar became more expensive at an average of Rs 16.51 per kg in one year. In June 2020, the average price of sugar was Rs 80.92 per kg, which has now risen to Rs 97.43 per kg.

A 20 kg bag of flour costs an average of Rs 118.55. In June 2020, a 20 kg bag of flour was priced at Rs 1,010.14, which has now risen to Rs 1,128.69.

During the same period, the price of goat meat went up by Rs 104.46 per kg, beef by Rs 59.50 per kg, live chicken broiler by Rs 91.54 per kg, and gar by Rs 5.95 per kg.

A two and a half kg can of ghee became expensive by Rs 129.36, fresh milk by Rs 10.79 per liter, yogurt by Rs 14.45 per kg, eggs by Rs 30.61 per dozen, bananas by Rs 39.64 per dozen.

According to the statistics agency, in one year, rice became expensive by Rs7.64 per kg, dal mash by Rs11.70 per kg, dal chana by Rs8.13 per kg, while the price of a domestic LPG cylinder increased by Rs36.12 per kg.

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In recent years, tomatoes have become cheaper by Rs 6.35 per kg, potatoes by Rs 10.80, onions by Rs 6.28, lentils by Rs 4.28, and lentils by Rs 50.46 per kg.

The inflation rate was 8.59 percent in June 2020, which has now risen to 10.87 percent, the statistics agency said.


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