Important revelations in the post-mortem report of the rare model who was killed in Lahore

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Important revelations in the post-mortem report of the rare model who was killed in Lahore

A preliminary post-mortem report of the murder of model girl Nayab Nadeem has been received in the Defense area of ​​Lahore. According to the details, according to the preliminary report, the victim was strangled to death.

A series of investigations will also be launched. Those involved in contact with the rare will be interrogated. Police say they are investigating various aspects, including robbery and resistance.

Authorities say the unidentified assailants tortured Nayab, with signs of torture on her body. Apparently evidence of abuse of the model girl. Not found The body has been handed over to heirs after postmortem.

It should be noted that the naked body of the model was found from the house in Defense B yesterday. It was reported that a naked body of a model was found from a house in the Defense B area of ​​Lahore, who was allegedly strangled to death.

According to police officials, Mohammad Ali, brother of the slain Nayab, lodged a report that Nayab was living alone in the house. When he went to his sister’s house, his sister’s body was lying on the ground while her bathroom grill was broken.

There were scars on his neck. Police officials said the victim was identified as 26-year-old Nayab, who was a model and unmarried, while she has two stepbrothers. A case of murder has been registered in the complaint of the model’s stepbrother.

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In the initial information, the victim was strangled to death by unknown assailants. The real facts will come to light after the rest of the postmortem.


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