Indian police fear PIA plane-like balloon

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Indian police fear PIA plane-like balloon

New Delhi:  PIA-written aircraft-like balloons found in occupied Kashmir once again terrified Indians. According to Indian media, local police seized a plane-shaped balloon with PIA written on it from crops in the Kanachak area of ​​Occupied Kashmir, the third such incident of its kind, earlier on March 10 and 16 of the same month. Had also received similar balloons from Occupied Kashmir which were later taken into custody by the Indian police which made a lot of fun of the Indians.

It should be noted that a few days ago. A ship-like balloon named PIA was seized in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Even before this, it was revealed that a Pakistani spy pigeon was caught by India. However, India’s interesting lie is that. The Indian claim was also ridiculed in the international media and now once again India has made a mockery of itself, according to Indian media. In the form of a plane in the village of Sutra Chak in the Hangar sector in Kathua district. The balloon with PIA written on it fell and the Occupied Kashmir Police took the balloon into custody.

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Earlier in 2015, India had also claimed that a spy pigeon from Pakistan had been caught and said that the pigeon had been sent by Pakistan to spy on India, and so on. They started investigating the pigeon, but the Indians also did an ‘X-ray’ of the pigeon. However, India has once again accused Pakistan of sending spy pigeons. Consumers are calling Indian security agencies fools.


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