Israel’s first direct commercial flight arrives in Bahrain

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Israel’s first direct commercial aircraft arrived in Bahrain after the resumption of diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries.

According to the International News Agency, after the resumption of diplomatic relations between Israel and Bahrain, the two countries have opened air channels, and today the first direct flights from Israel to Bahrain.

 Aircraft radar data from the flight recorder also shows that Israel Airlines’ Airbus A320 arrived at Bahrain International Airport on Wednesday, a three-hour flight from Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, to Saudi Arabia’s airport.

 There were no comments from Israel or Bahrain on the commercial aircraft, but Israeli media reported that there was a team of key government officials.

 Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a telephone interview with Bahraini Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

It should be noted that the Arab states UAE and Bahrain signed a peace agreement regarding trade and trade relations with Israel, after which the first flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates landed in the United Arab Emirates. But no event is scheduled for this occasion.


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