Motorway abuse case Iqbal alias Bala Mastri was taken into custody from Sahiwal

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CIA police arrested Iqbal alias Bala Mastri, a member of Abid and Shafqat’s group, from Sahiwal. According to police sources, Iqbal alias Bala Mastri was arrested on the identification of accused Shafqat.

Iqbal alias Bala Mastri is a close associate of the main accused Abid Ali. Before the incident on the motorway, Abid Ali had called both Shafqat and Iqbal but Iqbal alias Bala Mastri had gone back from the road.

Apart from this case, Iqbal has been involved in several incidents with Abid. Abid Ali had contacted Iqbal before fleeing after the incident. Police have received a lot of information from Iqbal about Abid.



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