Murree admin prepares strategy amid snowfall alert

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Rawalpindi district authorities have made a plan to deal with any unexpected incidents during the coming rains and snow in Murree after the loss of nearly a dozen lives at a hill station last week.

According to a statement issued to the media on Friday, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali, while chairing a review meeting, said the emergency plan had been completed in the event of an emergency.
Despite the fact that natural disasters are beyond our control, we can reduce the level of damage through disaster risk management measures, he said.

According to the plan, during the snowstorm two control rooms will be built 24 hours a day to listen to citizens’ complaints and ensure that they are provided with the necessary assistance as well as comprehensive guidelines.

A control room will be established at the Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner’s Office and the Murree Assistant Commissioner’s Office in Murree.

People who focus on all the departments involved will do their job in the emotional center.

Snow removal and traffic management have been made a priority for this new strategy. In addition, access to Murree will be strictly controlled at this time, with no more than 8,000 vehicles allowed to enter the city.
It is worth noting that last week, a devastating snowstorm caused damage and killed more than 20 people in Murree.


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