Operations against Dark Web operators around the world

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According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Europol Cybercrime Center and the British Department of Justice have launched joint operations against dark web operators in Europe in five other countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

A total of 179 operatives have been arrested, 6.5 million in cash, 500 kilograms of drugs and 64 dangerous weapons have been seized in a worldwide crackdown on the Dark Web.

Digital currency worth 65 6.5 million was recovered from the detainees, while 500 kilograms of drugs and 64 dangerous weapons were recovered from the suspects.

 During the operation, 119 workers were arrested from the United States, 42 from Germany, eight from Poland, four from the United Kingdom, three from Austria, two from Canada, and one from Sweden.

The group also supplied illicit goods to Europe and the United States, including dangerous chemicals, including cocaine and heroin. Europol claims the operation marks the end of the Dark Web’s golden age.


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