Pakistani doctor Sami Jamali also joined the list of 9 global heroes

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Pakistani doctor Sami Jamali also joined the list of 9 global heroes

ISLAMABAD: Leading Pakistani doctor Sami Jamali has joined the list of global heroes. According to details, the American magazine conducted a worldwide survey of health workers working during the coronavirus epidemic. After which, the medical personnel who bravely fought the Corona epidemic all over the world were declared as global heroes.

Pakistani doctors also became global heroes during the Corona epidemic. The American magazine named Pakistani doctors global heroes in recognition of their services in the Corona epidemic.

One year after the Corona epidemic, the online American channel ‘National Public Radio’ A recent report has released a list of nine heroes who rendered various services during the Corona epidemic, including Ahmed Dago, an ambulance driver from Srinagar, Occupied Kashmir, and Dr. Sami Jamali from Pakistan.

Appreciating the services of Dr. Sami Jamali globally, he said that the Executive Director of Jinnah Hospital, Dr. Sami Jamali himself is suffering from cancer and despite suffering from a terminal illness, Dr. Sami Jamali remained steadfast in his duties. While chemotherapy was going on, other Pakistani doctors faced terrorism which is a work of bravery.


The list also includes health workers from Mexico, Italy, the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries. It should be noted that in December 2020, Dr. Sami Jamali was promoted to 21st grade. Dr. Sami Jamali strives day and night for the welfare of patients. Live The Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) Doctors Association congratulated Dr. Sami Jamali on his promotion to 21st grade.


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