Peshawar High Court orders closure of Tik Tok app

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Peshawar High Court orders closure of Tik Tok app

Peshawar: Peshawar High Court banned the Tik Tok app. According to details, the petition filed against Tik Tok was heard in the Peshawar High Court. DGPTA, Deputy Attorney General, petitioner’s lawyer. Nazish Muzaffar and Sara Ali appeared in the court. Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Qaiser Rasheed Khan said that the way videos are uploaded on Tik Tak, is not acceptable for our society, Tik Tok videos spread obscenity in society. Has been and should be shut down immediately.

During the hearing, Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan asked the DGPTA what would be the harm to the app by closing the Tik Tok application. He replied that it would be a loss to them. Has been asked to control immoral content but has not received a positive response.

Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan said that Tik Tok should be stopped till the officials of Tik Tok act on your request and cooperate with you to stop immoral content.

More and more young people are being affected by this app. The report received about Tik Tak is regrettable. The court has ordered that it should be shut down unless they comply with your request.

The Peshawar High Court It should be noted that PTI had banned Tik Tok on October 9 for not removing immoral content and closed it in Pakistan, a few days after which Information and Technology (IT) was banned.

And Federal Minister for Telecom Aminul Haq said that he had indicated that the ban on short video sharing application Tik Tok would be lifted soon, as he himself was against the ban on Tik Tok and hoped that the application management Matters will be resolved.

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In response to a question, Aminul Haq confirmed that the Tik Tok administration. Is in touch with the government of Pakistan and talks are underway between the two parties. The ban on Tik Tok will be lifted with full regulations. Later, Tik Tok officials informed the Pakistani authorities. Was assured to remove the immoral content and then the ban on tick-tock was lifted.


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