Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a vote of confidence in the National Assembly

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Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a vote of confidence in the National Assembly

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that he will take a vote of confidence from the National Assembly. I will not be trusted. I will respect Toraya and leave my chair and sit in opposition. Addressing the nation live on state TV, he said, ‘My Pakistani! The Senate election was held, it is necessary to talk to the nation, the way the Senate election was held, the country’s problems are connected with it, first, 6 years ago the PTI participated in the Senate election, then I realized that the Senate Money runs in elections, it has been running money for 30 years, MPs are bought to become senators, what a joke it is, the leadership of the country.

Yes, on the other hand, those MPs who sell their conscience and vote, I then said that there should be an open ballot, in our first senate election 20 of our members was booked, we expelled them from the party, PPP and PML-N Both of them decided in the CDO that the Senate election should be open. When these parties did not support us, we went to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the judges also said that money is flowing. Meanwhile, a video came out which showed the secret ballot of the Election Commission. Went against

The Supreme Court has repeatedly said that it is your responsibility to hold an open ballot. All the parties have come together on this. I ask the question why now everyone insisted that the open ballot is against democracy and the constitution, they did not know before? I put in front of the nation what happened? Ever since our government came, corrupt leaders have been afraid to go ahead with our corruption cases.

While these cases are old, the cases of our time will not be even 5%, I said on the first day that all these corrupt people will come together. Their only goal is to put so much pressure on me that I come under pressure like Musharraf and give NRO. The FATF has put us on the gray list. If we do not comply with the terms of the FATF, they will put us on the blacklist. This will cause the rupee to fall and inflation to rise.

Electricity, oil, pulses, ghee, wheat, whatever you import, things will become more expensive. The law that we wanted to make for FATF gave its points that first abolish NAB, then FATF will support the legislation. Similarly, he went to the Supreme Court and said that we need a secret ballot, the purpose of which was to win Yousuf Raza Gilani by giving money and to give the impression that Imran Khan does not have a majority in the House, Hafeez Sheikh wanted to defeat our majority is gone. ۔

He said that I had enough money to win my life, I did not need anything to enter politics, 55 years before today, Pakistan was given an example in the world. Our President was welcomed at the airport by the President of United States the United States. When our country started going down, politics was used to build factories.

Merit in politics was meant to change this system. I spent time in the West, I went to the countries of the world, the difference is justice which makes the country go down, the Holy Prophet established the rule of law and justice in the state of Madinah. Gone, the theft of the Prime Minister weakens the country as I am the Prime Minister and if I invest in a power project, I can make 30 billion in one deal.

The price is paid by the people, because the cost of electricity goes up with the construction of 130 billion projects, and the price is paid by the nation. This is the story of all the poor countries, every year one thousand billion dollars goes from the poor countries to the rich countries, when the prime minister and the minister commit corruption, the country becomes weak and has to borrow, which causes the dollar to fall and the rupee to fall. Is.

Pakistan’s total budget is 60 billion, of which 10 billion is annual money laundering. Musharraf, despite being in power, came under pressure and gave NRO. Due to this NRO, debts have increased. Half of the tax we collect goes to pay off debts. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he knew that money was going to run in the Senate, so they rallied against the open ballot.

Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son was distributing money, buying people’s conscience. Our women who were former PPP members told us that they were called and offered Rs 2 crore. The Supreme Court gave the opportunity to open a ballot. You have damaged democracy by saving the selling MNEs. What example are we setting for our youth society? When the country’s leadership pays a bribe, will the Patwaris recover?

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I have repeatedly told the Election Commission that the rates have gone up and the bids have gone up. When the Supreme Court gave the Election Commission a chance, then what was the reason that the Election Commission could not put barcodes on 1500 ballot papers? You have given full opportunity, the Election Commission has saved those who are stealing votes. Where will he get this money from? Then saying that corruption has increased, I will take a vote of confidence from the National Assembly the day after tomorrow because it will be from the show of hands, I will not be trusted, I will respect Toraya and leave my chair and sit in the opposition. As long as I live, I will work for the rule of law.


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