Prime Minister Imran Khan has criticized the opposition Alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has criticized the opposition Alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of Lodhran to Multan Highway Upgradation and Rehabilitation Project in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that our government has built 3 times more roads than the previous government. Where is the new Pakistan and the government has failed, we spent two and a half years very patiently, there was a lot of criticism in the media, the opposition also criticized for not getting NRO that the country was destroyed, my own people had to go through difficult times Even yesterday, the opposition together pretended that the country was headed for ruin.

Imran Khan said that the media also gave the impression to the people that a new Pakistan is created by turning the button at once. There is a lesson for us in this. Change in society comes from struggle. No society changes without struggle. In this system, claws and beneficiaries resist to change.

The Prime Minister said that freedom from mafia or corrupt system is the name of the struggle, it never happens that you become free at once, the country is currently undergoing a great struggle to change the system after 1947 and freedom from the mafia, every The place is occupied by the mafia which is trying to somehow make the government fail so that it continues to benefit from the corrupt system as before. Today our struggle for the rule of law is very important for generations.

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Imran Khan said that the opposition is saying that NRO will bring down the government otherwise, they are calling the army, calling themselves Democratic Movement, and telling the army to bring down the government.


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