Removing the matriculation requirement for the Assembly is shameful. Nabila Irshad Advocate

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Muzaffarabad:  Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party chief Ms. Nabila Irshad Advocate has said that removing the matriculation requirement for the Assembly candidate is tantamount to acknowledging the rule of illiterate people in the Assembly.

The main responsibility of Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir base camp, while the PML-N government has not been able to take a step forward but is deliberately misleading the people by confusing them.

Advocate Nabila Irshad said that the five-year rule of the Azad Kashmir government was the worst. In five years, no major project, let alone the government failed to solve the basic and necessary problems. More than double the budget of previous governments.

Despite this, institutions like health, education, employment, and the judiciary were sacrificed for personal preference. At present, the Azad Kashmir judiciary is going through a major constitutional crisis and it has become impossible for the common man to get justice. In such a world, the dignity of the institutions has been tarnished and an atmosphere of chaos has been created.


Yes, the quality of education is declining. It is the responsibility of the government to address the weaknesses of the basic education system and ensure a strong education system, but the government’s priorities are self-interest. Instead of providing employment opportunities, nepotism is being fostered. Educated people are being exploited by the massacre of merit and the requirement of matriculation for you and the Member Assembly has also been abolished.

Now the rule of certain illiterate people has been declared in the House. The first and foremost responsibility of the camp is that while the government has not been able to take a step beyond weeping and washing, but is deliberately misleading the minds of ordinary Kashmiris by creating confusion. Women’s representation in the reserved seats was brought to the House and women’s rights were bloodied.

The Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party believes in democratic philosophy and is the spokesperson for the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, including women.

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The Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party is increasing in size in a short period of time. He said that those who claim that they want to make women dignified and empowered should also give tickets to their parties for proportional representation of women so that they can join the Assembly Forum. They should be able to protect the rights of women. Especially those women who are practically in politics and working hard day and night should be given a chance to come forward. She said that the middle class of the state especially women. She said that our vision is to serve the people and liberate the people from the monopoly system.


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