The brother of US President Donald Trump, Robert, has died at the age of 71

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The younger brother of the President of the United States was admitted to a nursing home in New York Hospital in June.
Robert Trump, 71, was his younger brother of President, United States Donald Trump he said his younger brother, Robert Trump, died a day after he visited him at a New York hospital.

On Saturday night Trump said in a statement
“I am heartbroken to share the news about my beautiful brother, Robert, who has passed away peacefully this evening. He was not just my brother; he was my best friend. He will be much needed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever. Robert, I love you. Rest in peace,”

Robert Trump, was a businessman in charge of housing and construction, engineer. President Trump paid an emotional visit to see his brother on Friday at New York l Medical Center before heading to his golf club. President Donald Trump will attend the funeral of his brother Robert, he said he has a busy schedule in the coming days and plans to travel for his re-election campaign.
The cause of death was not disclosed. Trump told reporters Friday that his brother was “suffering” from an unexplained illness. A source familiar with the situation said that the brother had lost a lot of blood.
ABC media had reported that Robert Trump was admitted to a nursing home at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for more than a week in June.


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