The inside story of the disappearance of girls in Lahore has come to light

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The inside story of the disappearance of girls in Lahore has come to light

An inside story of the disappearance of girls in the Hanjrawal area of ​​Lahore has come to light. The girls left the house on their own, disgusted by their parents’ behavior. After leaving the house, the girls called the neighbors.

The neighbors refused to go with them. They fell into the hands of the people. The rickshaw puller tricked the girls and took them to Sahiwal. Police sources said that the step-sisters Kanzi and Anam lived with their father Irfan.

The plaintiff in the case Irfan has divorced his two wives. The two were reunited with Akram’s daughters Ayesha and Samreen. After which the four girls became discouraged and decided to run away from home.

The four girls wanted to get a lot of money. The four girls got on the train from the Hanjarwal Orange train stop and reached Gulshan-e-Rawi. Frightened, he returned. Omar reached Hajnarwal and told the girls’ father that they had run away.

Later, the girls climbed into the arms of rickshaw driver Arsalan. The four girls got off the rickshaw near Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate for four hours. Police have arrested the rickshaw driver Arsalan and his accomplice Arshad.

The friend was accompanied by his wife and daughters. The rickshaw driver planned to sell the four girls to a prostitution den.

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Police recovered the four girls in a timely manner. The girls will be medically examined and their statements will be taken. After that, they should be brought to Lahore


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