In anti-corruption cases, the opponent is trapped in the NAB, the Supreme Court

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The opponent is trapped in the NAB, the Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: Justice Sardar Tariq of the Supreme Court has remarked that unfortunately the change of governments also leads to a shift in the attitude of the NAB. The Supreme Court heard the bail plea of ​​PPP leader Khurshid Shah.

Justice Sardar Tariq remarked that unfortunately, the change of government has led to a decline in the attitude of NAB. In many cases, NAB has refused to file appeals. In ordinary Patwaris cases, NAB does not stop without appealing.

Their cases are handed over to anti-corruption, whoever is against them is trapped in NAB. NAB’s impartiality is known to you and all of us. Lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan said that NAB did not disclose the method of determining the value of assets, Khurshid Shah is not accused of abuse of power anywhere.

Justice Sardar Tariq said that the trial court itself could frame the charges if the facts come to light. The court expressed frustration over the absence of Khurshid’s son Farrukh Shah and his family’s lawyers and said that even if lawyer Farooq Naik did not come to the court despite the notice, we would still pursue the case.

When the NAB knows that the accused are not cooperating, why don’t they file a bail application? When bail does not appear in court, why has the NAB not yet applied for 514 in the trial court?

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Khursheed Shah’s lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan said that the alleged anonymous persons of Khurshid Shah were not included in the reference, the investigation against them was closed in 2012 in NAB.

The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing till tomorrow. Ordering all the accused, including Khursheed Shah’s two wives, son Farrukh Shah and Sindh Transport Minister Owais Qadir Shah, to appear before it. The opponent is trapped in the NAB, the Supreme Court.


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