Tabish Khan also wore a test cap on his head

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Tabish Khan also wore a test cap on his head

Lahore: Tabish Khan also wore a Test cap on his head, he became the third senior Pakistani cricketer to make his debut. Tabish Khan, who made it to the playing XI of the second Test from Zimbabwe, is the third senior cricketer to make his debut for Pakistan. The pacer was selected to play the first match of his career at the age of 36 years and 146 days. When Miranbakhsh made his Test debut in 1955, he was 47 years and 284 days old. In 1952, Amir Elahi played his first Test at the age of 44. In this century, only two teams have debuted a 36-year-old cricketer.

Ireland gave a test cap to Tim Mertig in 2018. Tabish Khan is the second cricketer. After a long journey in domestic cricket, the pacer who reached this destination was given a green cap by head coach Misbah-ul-Haq.



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