The Pakistani government has frozen  1 million in a London bank

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The Pakistani government has frozen  1 million in a London bank

London: 1 million pounds in the bank of the government of Pakistan in London has been frozen. According to the report of Geo News, 1 million pounds of the government of Pakistan in a bank in London have been frozen.

It has been reported that the London High Court had ordered the freezing of Pakistani accounts in favor of Broadsheet three weeks ago. The bank has given a written assurance to the High Court and Broadsheet to freeze about لاکھ 1 million.

The amount frozen in the bank will be decided at the June hearing. The media has also obtained a copy of the letter written by the lawyers of Broadsheet to the NAB and the Pakistani Attorney General.

When there was no positive response from Pakistan, there was no other option but to take legal action.

Kave Mousavi said that the government of Pakistan’s lawsuit against the bank would be tantamount to denying the rule of law. Pakistan has already paid 28 28 million to Broadsheet in December.

It may be recalled that Broadsheet had demanded about ً 1 million in arrears, including interest, from the Government of Pakistan in its dispute with the NAB. The Interim Third Party Debt Order was issued by the Master Division of the London High Court, while the Pakistan Bank in London also confirmed the decision.

Judicial sources said that the new order was issued on February 15 at the request of Broadsheet. Broadsheet has received 28 28 million in December for freezing Pakistani accounts, while the British firm had again approached the High Court over non-receipt of arrears from the Pakistani government. Bank officials have assured that the British will comply with the court’s order.

The government of Pakistan had hinted at taking action against the bank in this regard six weeks ago but it has not been acted upon yet. The hearing on the issuance of the final third-party debit order will be held on July 30 this year, after which the bank will have to identify all Pakistani accounts, otherwise, restrictions may be imposed or the bank’s license may be revoked.

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It may be recalled that two weeks ago, it was reported that the British firm Broadsheet had given new instructions to its lawyers to confiscate Pakistan’s assets due to non-payment of money by Pakistan to the British firm.

In this regard, it has been reported that the head of Broadsheet. Kive Masavi has given new instructions to his lawyers to confiscate the assets of Pakistan. After which Broadsheet’s lawyers will take the case to a new level.


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