The Prime Minister urged the people to implement the Corona SOPs

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The Prime Minister urged the people to implement the Corona SOPs

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the people to implement the Corona SOPs and said that God forbid the situation gets worse and we will be forced to lock down. The third wave of Corona is dangerous. Not being careful, I insist on wearing masks in public places. Prime Minister Imran Khan was directly answering the questions of the people.

‘I want to say something very important to you people. The third wave of Corona is very dangerous. The first and second waves were less dangerous.

May Allah has mercy on Pakistan, Europe, America, Brazil,’ he said. If there was a wave-like the one in Iran and India, there would have been a lockdown, it would have spread poverty, we should give thanks to Allah, there was no such situation here.

But now the third wave has come, the situation is bad in Bangladesh and Europe too. Despite the vaccination in Europe, there was a lockdown. I emphasize for my country, people. The easiest thing is to wear a mask, to wear a mask. There is no cost, there is an advantage, wearing a mask is the biggest advantage.

People are not paying attention at all, there is a danger that corona will not spread, we are not closing factories, we are controlling it by imposing some restrictions, I insist on wearing masks.

We know that when the world was locked down, poverty increased, 150 million people went below the poverty line in one year. That is why I urge you to wear masks in public places and during transport.

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Answering questions, he said that only 27% of the people have access to gas and 73% of Pakistanis are deprived. We are now digging more gas wells. Imported gas is expensive. Gas reserves in Pakistan are declining.
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