Those involved in road construction should be caught

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Those involved in road construction should be caught

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is a difference of 200 million and 4 lanes between the road that was built in 2013 under PML-N and the road that is being built today.

How much money would we save to build more roads if we built roads at a rate? In fact, it is the loss of the nation when corrupt people steal the money of the nation. Laying the foundation stone for rehabilitation and upgrade of Jhal Zhao Bela Highway, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that what were the prices in 2013 and what is today in 2021, yet if we are making roads cheaper today, think that they What a great robbery has been committed on this country.

When you told me these things, I have given full mandate to FIA to bring these things before the nation as to who is responsible for it. ‘I want to tell the whole nation that when I was in school, we went to Hunza for the first time.

The Karakoram highway had not been built yet. The situation there was like that. People in small towns didn’t know when.’ When we went there, the whole village used to stand outside with fruits. Today, there is so much tourism that there is no space in hotels. The Prime Minister said that Hunza and Gilgit were also very backward, it was difficult to go there.

Balochistan is also such a large area, we cannot build there until roads are built there, which the government thinks of its five-year election. Yes, she will never develop Balochistan, so Balochistan has gone backwards. If we have to develop Pakistan, we have to raise all parts of Pakistan in the same way.

He added that China had also built the CPAC route because Western China was lagging behind, so they wanted to connect western China so that development could go there as well. We have left the region behind in seventy years.

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It will not only benefit the region, it will benefit the whole of Pakistan. If China has moved forward, it is because of its long term planning. The country will never move forward just by thinking of elections.


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