True loves Exists? Yes it does

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People talks about true love exists? The answer is Yes, it does. When someone falls in love, he/she devoted his/her life for another person.

When a person in love, his/her feelings, thoughts, emotions, even the heartbeats for love once.

Back in history, we have read many stories about true love, and here we have the story, of beautiful French women. The woman who was not only the symbol of beauty she also was the pearl of family tradition and the honor. She killed her desires for the honor of family.

It’s a story of a French woman named Blanche. She falls in love with a man but later her mother refused to accept that man. Blanche was so much broken she lock up herself in a home basement.

Days, weeks, months, and years passed away finally after the 25 years later police found her in the basement. She was coved with dirt rotten food, bugs all over her bed. She has lost her beauty and weight.

She didn’t watch the sunlight in her entire captivity years. Police sent her the French psychiatrist hospital but she was not able to back in normal life finally after 12 years later she closed her eyes forever in dreaming of her love.

True love


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