What is Digital Marketing

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       What is Digital Marketing

In this modern era, where the world is forerunning and introducing new technologies regarding business. Digital marketing is one of the modern technologies which provides a comprehensive way of how companies can make a practical use of digital media and technology to meet their marketing goals, the utilization of internet and online technologies such as mobiles, computers and other digital media and platforms is known as digital marketing. It is the best way to approach a customer and promote your business products. Digital marketing is the technique through which one can merge up the marketing theories with practical business experience with the help of different case studies.
Digital marketing includes :
1. Content marketing
2. Email marketing
3. Affiliate marketing
4. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
5. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
6. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an online form of marketing that includes publishing, distribution, and creation of content for a targeted audience. Businesses may use this type of marketing in order to:
1. Increase the generation of online business sales.
2. Boost the brand credibility and awareness.
3. Make online users community.
4. Increase customer’s attention for business.
Content marketing is a way of creating valuable free content and help different companies to maintain their brand loyalty and provide valuable information to customers.
It is a different form of marketing that does not include direct sales. Digital content marketing is a process that satisfies the requirements of a particular audience using electronic channels.

Email Marketing

It is a kind of digital marketing strategy that deals with the way of sending a commercial message to a group of people, in order to make a relationship with customers and to increase business awareness and credibility. It encourages the customer’s loyalty, getting new customers, and convincing previous customers to buy the business products. Email marketing is commonly used by a number of businesses in order to generate sales and make good business income. It usually includes advertisements, sales, donations, and third-party ads. Email marketing is effective and a direct way of turning the leads into customers, turn one-time buyers into loyal fans.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate describes such type of relation in which a large parent company has at least two subsidiary companies and it also describes a relationship between a business where a company owns a stake in the stock of other companies. Affiliate marketing is a process by which an affiliate earns commission by promoting a company’s product to others. It is a type of marketing in which affiliate approaches and makes a customer with his own marketing efforts, on behalf of which he earns rewards from the business. This type of marketing is also promoted by referral marketing strategies in which third parties derive sales to the retailers. Affiliate marketing includes online selling which increases product sales and allowing others targeting the same audience by referring a product on different websites, platforms, blogs, and social media. Affiliate recommends the product to others and earn commission on every sale made by him. Affiliate marketing is used by many companies, it is an important part of a business through which a business can make a healthy income. Affiliate marketing offers different affiliate programs that give multiple benefits to many affiliates.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a kind of marketing strategy by means of which you can improve your website ranking and it becomes easier for internet users to approach your product and services. It helps the companies to get their websites to appear in search results relate to their businesses. SEO improves the website quality and make effective ways to increase business revenue. As every business has a goal to generate good sales and boost its income, using SEO helps in money production of a business.
There are different types of SEO which can boost your site traffic including:
1. Youtube SEO
2. On-page SEO
3. Of-page SEO
4. Local SEO
5. App Store SEO
6. Technical SEO
It increases the visibility of the website or webpage and helps in growing the quality and quantity of a business website traffic. SEO is a typical kind of marketing and one needs a lot of research and practice to do it.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms to promote a service or product is known as social media marketing(SMM). It is a form of internet marketing that includes sharing, creation, and promotion of different contents in social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, most print, linkedIn, youtube, Facebook, etc. SMM is an effective way of marketing for all sizes of business either small business or a large one to approach customers and prospects and helps a business in achieving its target and branding goals. It includes the posting of different texts, image updates, and videos in order to attract an audience. SMM is the best way for making the identity of a business brand and create a good brand association.
The different types of social media marketing are as follows:
1. Image sharing sites
2. Video hosting sites
3. Discussion sites
4. Community blogs
5. Social networking sites
6. Social review sites
7. Sharing economy networks

Search Engine Marketing

The promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through paid advertising is known as search engine marketing(SEM). It is a digital marketing strategy that enables the business to generate more revenue and increase the company’s reach. SME has become an important strategy of online marketing to boost a company. Search engine marketing and SEO both are complex form of marketing, In the small business, its become a little hard to decide where to invest.
The main types of SME includes:
1. Organic SEO
2. Local SEO
3. Pay per click(PPC)
4. Sponsored search results


As we know that there are different marketing ways which a business can obtain in order to generate more sales and increase its money production. Digital marketing is the most effective and practical way to promote a business and helps a business in achieving its goals, it is a way of marketing your company online to high-value customers and prospective leads. Digital marketing will remain a powerful way of marketing in the future.


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