When I went to the washroom, the wives of cricket stars were using cocaine” Sherlyn Chopra

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Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra has revealed the use of cocaine by cricketer women, girlfriends, and a few actors at past Indian Premier League (IPL) events.

According to details, actress Sherlyn Chopra said last season she went to watch the Kolkata Knight Riders match where she was invited to an event.

All the famous cricket women were there. I was enjoying a lot of fun at the party but when I went to the washroom, she said I was surprised to see the wives and girlfriends of cricket stars using cocaine. They watched me at smile and I just smiled back

Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra said

“When she went to the men’s bathroom, she watched the same thing there the male also was using the cocaine,” I felt like I came to the wrong place and then I came out, similar drug parties were held one after another.


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