Women who suffered facial injuries in Beirut explosion got the free surgery watched

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In Beirut’s Lebanon attack where the Debris of buildings spread away many kilometers, the thousands of peoples injured, and more than two hundred people have died many are still admitted in the hospitals, yesterday the youngest victim of Beirut’s attack a 3 years old girl Alexandra Najjar also passed away.

one of more victim of Beirut explosion Romy Zahour Lauret of Beirut explosion suffered the facial injuries that she needed the face surgery .she was driving near the port along with her husband when sudden blast happed and her face badly damage. A very gentle plastic surgeon Dr .joe Baroud is treating her and several other victims without any fee.

Fixing the scars of the Beirut explosion

One woman who suffered facial injuries in the Beirut explosion says free plastic surgery will help her forget the day. Romy Zahour Lauret was driving near the port with her husband when the blast hit. She's being treated by Dr Joe Baroud, a plastic surgeon who has been offering free surgery to victims. bbc.in/2PKOlFH

Posted by BBC News on Tuesday, August 11, 2020


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