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The Oscars, officially known as the Academy Awards, are the pinnacle of achievement in the film industry. Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) honours the best in cinema with awards in various categories. Understanding these categories is essential for appreciating the diverse talents that contribute to the magic of filmmaking. This article will delve into the first word of every Oscar category, exploring their significance and history.

Historical Background

The Oscars have a rich history dating back to 1929. Initially, the awards had fewer categories, focusing on the core aspects of filmmaking. Over the years, as the industry evolved, new categories were introduced to recognize the expanding facets of film production. This evolution reflects the growing complexity and artistry of cinema.

Best Picture

Best Picture is the most prestigious Oscar category. It honours the entire production team behind a film that demonstrates exceptional storytelling, direction, acting, and technical prowess. Notable winners include classics like “Gone with the Wind,” “The Godfather,” and recent hits like “Parasite.”

Best Director

The Best Director category acknowledges the vision and skill of the directors who bring films to life. Directors play a crucial role in shaping the narrative and guiding the cast and crew. Memorable winners include Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Kathryn Bigelow. First Word of Every Oscar Category

Best Actor

The Best Actor award celebrates outstanding performances by leading male actors. This category has seen legendary performances by actors like Marlon Brando, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Denzel Washington, who have brought complex characters to life on screen.

Best Actress

The Best Actress category honours leading female actors for their exceptional talent and contribution to cinema. Icons like Meryl Streep, Audrey Hepburn, and Frances McDormand have graced this category with their unforgettable performances. First Word of Every Oscar Category

Best Supporting Actor

The Best Supporting Actor award recognizes male actors in supporting roles who deliver compelling and impactful performances. Famous winners include Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger, and Mahershala Ali.

Best Supporting Actress

The Best Supporting Actress category celebrates female actors in supporting roles who add depth and dimension to the story. Noteworthy winners include Hattie McDaniel, Whoopi Goldberg, and Lupita Nyong’o.

Best Original Screenplay

The Best Original Screenplay award honours writers who create original stories for the screen. Crafting unique and engaging narratives, winners like Quentin Tarantino, Jordan Peele, and Greta Gerwig have showcased their storytelling prowess. First Word of Every Oscar Category

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Best Adapted Screenplay category acknowledges writers who adapt existing works into screenplays. Exceptional adaptations by writers like Francis Ford Coppola, Joel and Ethan Coen, and Aaron Sorkin have earned this prestigious award. First Word of Every Oscar Category

Best Cinematography

Best Cinematography celebrates the art of visual storytelling. Cinematographers use lighting, composition, and camera work to create stunning visuals. Award-winning cinematographers like Roger Deakins, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Vittorio Storaro have set the bar high in this category.

Best Film Editing

The Best Film Editing award recognizes the skill of editors who shape the narrative flow and pacing of a film. Pioneering editors like Thelma Schoonmaker, Walter Murch, and Lee Smith have been celebrated for their meticulous work. First Word of Every Oscar Category

Best Production Design

Best Production Design honours the creation of immersive and visually compelling environments in films. Remarkable design achievements by professionals like Dante Ferretti, Rick Carter, and Catherine Martin have transformed cinematic worlds.

Best Costume Design

The Best Costume Design category celebrates the role of costumes in defining characters and setting the tone of a film. Memorable costume designers like Edith Head, Colleen Atwood, and Sandy Powell have left their mark on this category.

Best Visual Effects

Best Visual Effects acknowledges the impact of visual effects in enhancing the storytelling experience. Groundbreaking effects by teams behind films like “Star Wars,” “The Matrix,” and “Avatar” have pushed the boundaries of what is possible on screen. First Word of Every Oscar Category

Best Animated Feature

The Best Animated Feature category celebrates the evolution and artistry of animated films. Top animated films like “Toy Story,” “Shrek,” and “Spirited Away” have won this award, showcasing the magic of animation.

Best Original Score

Best Original Score honours the power of music in films. Acclaimed composers like John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Ennio Morricone have created iconic scores that elevate the cinematic experience.

Best Original Song

The Best Original Song category celebrates songs that define movies and enhance their emotional impact. Iconic movie tracks by artists like Elton John, Adele, and Lady Gaga have been recognized in this category.


The Oscars encompass a wide range of categories that celebrate the diverse talents and contributions of filmmakers. From directing to acting, writing to technical achievements, each category highlights a unique aspect of the filmmaking process. Understanding these categories enriches our appreciation of the art and craft of cinema.


What is the most awarded Oscar category?

The category with the most awards is Best Picture, as it is the most prestigious and has been awarded annually since the inception of the Oscars.

How are Oscar nominees selected?

Oscar nominees are selected by the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences through a voting process. Each member belongs to one of the 17 branches of the Academy, and they vote for nominees in their respective fields.

What was the first movie to win Best Picture?

The first movie to win Best Picture was “Wings,” a silent film that won at the inaugural Academy Awards in 1929.

Has any movie won all major categories?

No film has won all the major categories (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress) in a single year. However, some films have come close, winning most of these major awards.

How has the Oscars changed over the years?

The Oscars have evolved significantly, with new categories being introduced, changes in the voting process, and adaptations to reflect the changing landscape of the film industry. The inclusion of more diverse and international films has also been a notable change in recent years.

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